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Who is a professional sports handicapper?

As the handicapping industry expands and earns more importance in the world of sports the need for sports handicappers has grown. Handicapping is not an easy job. It requires lots of hard work in order for their clients to reap the many benefits. A professional sports handicapper is considered a full time job. Many sports handicappers are known to work 60-80 hours a week dissecting team after team,game after game and match up after match up. They have to really have relevant information and be current with injury reports. They have to know how to use statistics to their advantage. They need sharp analytical skills and at the same time they must know how to pass on the knowledge in a simple way to clients. They also need excellent money management skills. Here’s a short list of what it takes to become a sports handicapper.

Qualities of a professional sports handicapper

From Quarterbacks to wide receivers to kickers and beyond. Does a particular team play better at home? Does a particular team have a hard time traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast? Does a fast team struggle when they play on grass or in the rain? When a good running team goes against a top defensive line how do they fair? The variables are of a plenty when it comes to handicapping a game. The best advice most handicappers can give is simply to pick their brains and learn the tricks of the trade.


There are many advantages that professional sports handicappers have over amateur handicappers. The most important advantage other than that they command respect from everyone within the industry is their ability to obtain inside information. Many of them have already proven themselves so they spend the rest of their career on the reputation that they have built. This in no way detracts from the hard work that a professional sports handicapper continues to do after he has had a series of successes. Top sports handicappers are able to provide their clients with winning sports picks selections year round thus resulting in high revenues. With their wealth of information they can successfully guide their clients in placing their bets.

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